The annual Jeepers for Vets Food Drive will take place on Saturday, 7 December as the Jeep and 4×4 community pulls together once again to support our local veterans and first responders.

With this event, the large community of Jeep and other 4×4 owners has the opportunity to help collect and deliver much-needed items for our aging veterans. We are also seeing growing numbers of younger veterans and their families and first responders and their families who may be struggling with the loss of a family member that served, or members who returned but are suffering from physical and emotional trauma. We hope you will help us close out 2019 by showing our thanks and recognition though this year’s food drive.

Members of the public are also welcome to drop off any donations with the Jeepers before the convoy begins.


Saturday, 7 December, 2019

  • 9 am – 10:30 am – Jeepers and 4×4 owners to arrive with their donations and socialize. Feel free to decorate your vehicles in a Christmas theme and / or add some Canadian flags.
  • 10:30 am – Jeep convoy will leave for the Veterans Association Food Bank.
  • 11-ish am – Arrive at the back of the Veterans Association Food Bank to unload donations.
  • 11:30-ish am – Socialize at the Chapelhow Legion.

Meetup location

Real Canadian Superstore (Deerfoot Meadows)
20 Heritage Meadows Way SE
Google map

  • Stick to the roads — no driving over or parking on curbs or grassy areas.
  • Park only in the designated area highlighted in green.
  • Absolutely no stunting, speeding, revving, wheel climbing or other unsafe behavior will be tolerated.

Map - Superstore Deerfoot Meadows

Convoy destination

Veterans Association Food Bank
Bay 10 820 28th Street NE
Google map

  • This is the VAFB’s new location as of Nov 1 2019.
  • Park at the BACK of the building.

VAFB parking map

Convoy route

Google map

  • Leaving the Real Canadian Superstore parking lot, turn right onto Heritage Meadows Way SE.
  • At the lights, turn left onto Heritage Drive SE. and follow it up the hill to Blackfoot Trail SE.
  • Take the right onto Blackfoot Trail SE.
  • Follow Blackfoot all the way to where it becomes 17 Ave SE and continue over Deerfoot Trail.
  • Turn left at the lights at 28 St SE.
  • Turn left at 16 Ave SE.
  • Turn left at 27 St SE.
  • Turn right onto Barlow Trail SE.
  • Follow Barlow Trail to the lights at 7 Ave NE and turn right at the lights onto 7 Ave NE.
  • Follow 7 Ave NE to 28 St NE. (You should see a BRINKS building in front of you.)
  • Turn left on 28 St NE then take the second right parking entrance and follow it around to the back of the VAFB.
  • NOTE: The Google Maps directions end near the front of the building. Please drive around to the BACK of the building to unload.


  • Be sure to obey all traffic lights, signals and laws. Intersections will not be closed for us and there is no need to rush or all arrive in one group.
  • Calgary being Calgary, it may be +20ºC and dry or -40ºC and snowy. Please dress and drive appropriately.
  • CBs: Channel 10 for the convoy.
  • GMRS: Channel 6 for the convoy.


Participant Liability Disclaimer

By participating in the event, you agree to release Jeepers for Vets, its organizers, volunteers, supporters, sponsors and beneficiaries from any and all liability relating to financial loss, injuries or death that may occur during travel to and from the activity, during the activity and at the activity locations. You also acknowledge the risks involved in winter driving and participating in a winter event. These include but are not limited to potentially dangerous road conditions, driving in a group, poor visibility, cold temperatures, icy or slippery conditions on the way to and at the activities. You swear that you are participating voluntarily, and that all risks have been made clear to you through this liability disclaimer. Additionally, you agree that do not have any conditions that will increase your likelihood of experiencing injuries while engaging in this activity. By participating in past, current or future activities, you forfeit all right to bring a suit against Jeepers for Vets, its organizers, volunteers, supporters, sponsors and beneficiaries for any reason. You will also make every effort to obey all traffic laws and safety precautions as listed in writing and/or as explained to you verbally. You will ask for clarification when needed.